11 Crafty Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars « Inhabitots

11 Crafty Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars « Inhabitots

Beautify your home. You can make some very simple but pretty DIY projects to accent your home with repurposed baby food jars. Try making some glass jar frames, hanging vases, tea light holders, oil lamps , or even a glass chandelier. And you can beautify yourself by making a DIY container for all of your homemade beauty products.

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And, glass jars come in handy quite a bit. So, I decided to do a small roundup of baby food and glass jar crafts to inspire me to do something creative with them. Less waste and up-cycling. I've found some amazing baby food jar crafts if you're wanting to reuse your baby food jars. Some of these adorable crafts would make sweet gifts, too!

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12 Ways to Reuse Old Baby Food Jars: DIYs, Recipes, and More. By Andrew Krosofsky. Sep. 23 2021, Published 3:08 p.m. ET.. Just because baby food jars are small doesn't mean they can't be used to store those little bits and bobs that you'd otherwise end up throwing in your junk drawer. You could also use them to store paint, crafting.

11 Crafty Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars « Inhabitots

Here's what you need to know about reusing baby food jars: Most baby food manufacturers utilize Press-on/Twist-off (PT) closures on their glass jars. In this application, the sealing compound (plastisol) covers more of the lid (which contains no threading) and is pressed into the threads of the jar through a high-speed Vapour-Vacuum System..

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Baby food jars are made of glass, which can break and cause injury if not handled properly. If you decide to reuse baby food jars, be sure to inspect them for any cracks or chips before using them again. You should also wash the jars thoroughly with hot soapy water before using them again. In terms of environmental impact, reusing baby food.

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Here's a quick recap of what I've shown you so far: Baby Food Jar Party Favors Baby Food Jar. Make Life Lovely. Your DIY Guide to a Lovelier Life. Home; About. My Story; Contact; PR/Press; Terms; DIY / Crafts. Crafts; Gifts; For the Home. 12 Creative Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars. February 21, 2013 By Laura Leave a Comment. 684 shares. Pin ;

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The answer is yes! You can absolutely reuse baby food after opening it. Just make sure to do so within 24 hours and keep the food refrigerated. Here are some tips for reheating and storing leftover baby food: -Place the leftover baby food in a clean, dry container with a lid.

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Once you wash out your baby food jars, remove the labels and make sure they dry completely before putting your spices inside them. You can store your spice-filled baby food jars on a two-tiered turntable, in a cabinet on a spice organizer, or in a drawer. Don't forget to label! I love my Cricut Label Maker, but masking tape and a Sharpie work.

11 Crafty Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars « Inhabitots

Mini Pincushion. A baby food jar is just the right size for an adorable mini pincushion like this with space for little buttons. And it's such a quick, easy and cheap craft to make - you'll only need a couple of minutes. You can also make these with empty pill bottles. DIY Instructions and Project Credit - CraftPudding.

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16 Clever Ways To Re-Use Empty Baby Food Jars. Planters, snack packs, and sewing kits. 1. Soak jars in watered-down dish soap to make their labels easy to peel off. They should peel off easily.

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Reusing baby food jars is a great way to save money and reduce waste. Baby food jars are small enough to store all sorts of items, from spices and nuts to art supplies and homemade candles. With a few simple steps, you can repurpose baby food jars to be useful in the home. This guide will show you how to clean, decorate, and reuse baby food.

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Place any of your favorite plastic toys or animals on top and you've got a fun favor to hold party treats. Paint Dipped Baby Jars (via Oh Happy Day) Turn baby jars into gorgeous mini vases. These are so festive and an affordable way to decorate for a baby shower or kids' party. Rocket Globes (via Disney Family)

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If you have a baby in the house, you probably have an abundance of baby food jars. You could toss them but a more earth-friendly idea aside from dropping those tiny glass jars at the recycling center would be to reuse them. Here are some ideas I have on my Baby Food Jars board on Pinterest ~ 1. Baby Shower Favor from New Life on a Homestead. 2.

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31 Ridiculously Epic Baby Food Jar Crafts. August 23, 2016. By Alex Richards. The average American household goes through over 600 baby food jars during baby's first year. That's a lot of.

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Bug-Catching Jars. With the addition of some construction paper, a few pipe cleaners, and some googly eyes (or Oriental Trading's little bug kit ), baby food jars are easily transformed into bug.

11 Crafty Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars « Inhabitots

Grab some old baby food jars and make alien or monster crafts with your little one. Throw some newspapers on the floor and get messy! This craft time idea is pretty self-explanatory. Grab some paint colors and get crafting to make an alien, monster, or whatever creature the imagination designs. 5. Make a Jar Garden.

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