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Instructions. Mix sala syrup, milk, and salt together. Add to a 440 millilitre glass. Add ice over milk. Pour espresso over ice, aiming for the cubes so the layer stays intact. Top with cream, if desired.

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Grab a large glass. You can pop it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before serving for an extra chilled experience. Next fill it with ice (optional). 8 ice cubes. Pour in your sala syrup and condensed milk. 1 tbsp sala syrup, 2 tbsp condensed milk. Pour over your milk, stir everything together and serve immediately.

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Thai Pink Milk is a sweet and refreshing beverage commonly known as nom yen in Thailand. It is usually called "iced milk" or "cold milk.". The drink's unique pink color comes from the sala syrup used to flavor the milk. Sala syrup is a popular Thai ingredient extracted from the sala (snake fruit) tree.

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Thai pink milk (นมเย็น / nom yen) is a sweet and uber-refreshing drink that is commonly found being sold by vendors in the bustling street markets of Thailand. It has a delicious flavour similar to sweet and creamy, tangy strawberry. Served on crushed ice, this beverage is a wonderful pick-me-up for a hot summer day.

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Introducing Pink Milk Thai Nom Yen, the delightful pink milk from Thailand! This vibrant drink is not only visually appealing, but also incredibly tasty, refreshing, and creamy. Only 3 ingredients are needed to enjoy its delicious flavors! Check out Thai tea boba, Thai Cha Yen (Iced tea), Cha Manao (Thai limeade ), butterfly pea lemonade, Thai.

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Made with milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk and ice. You will need a 350 ml glass. Measure in 1-part sala syrup, ½- part condensed milk, and 1-part evaporated milk into the glass and stir well to combine. Fill the glass with ice. Pour the milk into the glass filling it almost to the top. Stir and serve.

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1oz = 30ml💚For shot glass💚For measuring cups💜 For Thai Sala, message us on Facebook👉Subscribe today to be the.

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Sala syrup gives flavour and the famous 'pink' color to the milk. Fill three cups with pink milk and add crushed ice. Drizzle the evaporated milk into each of the cups and serve it to your guests. In case you do not want the drink to be too sweet, skip the condensed milk. Top it up with some whipped cream and candied cherry to give it a fancy.

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Step 1: Bring water to a boil for 3 minutes with the tea mix and add some sugar to adjust the flavor. Step 1.1: If you're using regular tea bags, make sure to bring the tea to a boil with the addition of cardamom pods and cloves. Gently stir until the sugar has dissolved completely.

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The most common one you will see in Thailand is from Hale's Blue Boy. Red sala flavor is used for the pink version and green cream soda flavor is used for the green version. Condensed milk 2 teaspoons. Fresh milk ~40 - 60ml (some shops prefer to use hot water and evaporated milk ~ 1 tablespoon) Ice cubes.

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Thai Pink Milk or commonly known in Thai is "Nom Yen" is a refreshing drink commonly sold on the streets of Thailand, along with Thai iced tea. In Thai, "nom" means milk, while "yen" means iced. Literally, Nom Yen means iced milk, but it more specifically refers to this pink drink. The drink is also known as Nom Chomphoo, which translates to.

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Step 1: Pour milk into a jug or any container large enough to hold all the milk and syrup. Step 2: Add syrup to the milk. Step 3: Stir the milk and syrup with a spoon to fully blend the two ingredients. Step 4: Fill drinking glasses with ice. Step 5: Pour the pink milk into the glasses.

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A frosty glass of Thai Nom Yen is essential on a hot day! Pink Milk is a sweet drink similar to a strawberry milkshake, and made with the famous Hale's Blue.

PINK DRINK is here! HiWire Brewing

Nom yen or Thai pink milk is a very popular Thai drink and probably the easiest drink to make ever! It's sweet, creamy and comes with a pleasant, refreshing.

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M-150 is one of the leaders in this booming market. M-150 has one of the highest caffeine contents of any energy drink. This Thai beverage is perfect for a quick energy boost in the heat of the day. M-150 comes in several unique flavors, including lychee and sala, but the most popular one is by far the original!

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Thai Pink Milk Tea (Nom Yen) Photo: Freepik. Venturing into the world of cool Thai drinks, Thai Pink Milk Tea (Nom Yen) is a delightful and eye-catching option. This fruity iced milk treat, sweetened with sala syrup, boasts a bright color and taste similar to strawberry milk. Served chilled and often over ice, Nom Yen's refreshing sweetness.

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