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What It Means When Just One Staircase Baluster Is Upside Down

A baluster, or rather the collection of balusters within the balustrade, work to support the banister above them. They also perform a safety function by creating smaller gaps between posts to prevent people from falling through. Finally, balusters also have an aesthetic purpose too. Due to the wide range of styles and shapes of balustrades, as.

The Reason Some Staircase Balusters Are Upside Down 12 Tomatoes

Villa Medicea di Poggio. So what exactly is a baluster? Well, the dictionary definition is pretty straight forward: "A baluster— also called spindle or stair stick—is a moulded shaft, square or of lathe-turned form, a form cut from a rectangular or square plank, one of various forms of spindle in woodwork, made of stone or wood and sometimes of metal, [1] standing on a unifying footing.

What It Means When Just One Staircase Baluster Is Upside Down

Now comes the challenging part of the project: cutting the top ends to match the slope of the rail. This is why replacing a baluster rates a 4 instead of a 1. To determine where to cut, measure the length with a metal tape and the angle with a bevel gauge. Often in old houses the balusters are no longer plumb. Resist the temptation to reinstall.


If there's one upside-down baluster on your historic staircase, you can blame superstition. While some say that builders purposely installed one baluster to acknowledge that "only God's creations are perfect," others cite an English superstition saying an upside-down baluster would prevent the devil from climbing the stairs and taking.

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One Upside-Down Baluster. A baluster, also known as a spindle, is an integral part of the support system. They are used to support the handrail. If there's a baluster upside-down on your staircase that's been in use for a long time, you can blame the belief in superstition.

stairs with the words if a house has one upside down baluster, this is

A baluster ( / ˈbæləstər / ⓘ) is an upright support, often a vertical moulded shaft, square, or lathe -turned form found in stairways, parapets, and other architectural features. In furniture construction it is known as a spindle. Common materials used in its construction are wood, stone, and less frequently metal and ceramic.

What it means when just one staircase baluster is upside down

The superstition of the upside-down spindle in staircase construction was based on the belief that evil spirits could only move in straight lines. The disrupted pattern created by the inverted.

What it means when just one staircase baluster is upside down

Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Another commenter said an upside-down baluster could be used as a sign of support from Scottish builders who were in favor of Bonnie Prince Charlie's (failed) claim to the English throne in the 18th century. There are a few other theories or reasons as well, as explained in the book, " Staircases: History, Repair.

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However, upside-down balusters are generally installed that way for a reason - and there is a fair amount of superstition behind it. source: Reddit/u/spopoff54 There is a long-standing tradition of builders and carpenters installing a single, upside-down baluster on purpose to acknowledge that "only God's creatures are perfect," and.

What It Means When A House Has One UpsideDown Baluster Homemaking

Besides being a superstition to keep evil from ascending a staircase, the commentator also mentioned that the single upside-down baluster was a sign amongst Scottish builders who were in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie's failed attempt to claim the English throne back in the 18th century. As it turns out, the whole story involved an impotent.

The Reason Some Staircase Balusters Are Upside Down 12 Tomatoes

Take your first uncut iron baluster, and place it upside down into its 5/8" hole then mark the length by adding about 1" up from the bottom of the stair handrail at the ¾" hole. You will repeat this for all of the iron balusters, and then cut the bottom portion of each to length. You can do this with a sawzall, metal band saw or even a.

What it means when just one staircase baluster is upside down

Fit the New Baluster. Photo by Kolin Smith. Drill two 1/16-inch pilot holes into, and square to, the baluster's angled end and out the upstairs side. Coat that end with wood glue, fit the baluster into its tenon, and drive 6d finishing nails up through the pilot holes and into the handrail. Set the nailheads with a nailset and cover with putty.

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One Upside-Down Baluster. A baluster, also called a spindle, is part of a staircase's support system. They hold up the handrail. If there's one upside-down baluster on your historic staircase.

What It Means When A House Has One UpsideDown Baluster Homemaking

What is a balustrade? In the simplest terms, a staircase balustrade is a row of small posts that are supported and joined together as a unit by a railing. The structure has a long history in.

If a House Has One UpsideDown Baluster, This Is What It Means Parts Of

In addition, an upside down baluster can be a symbol of luxury and refinement, and is a key component in high-end, aesthetically pleasing designs. What length balusters do I need? The length of the balusters you need will depend on a few factors, including the type of balusters you are using and the dimensions of the stairway. Generally.

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It is much more widely believed that the upside-down baluster was actually used to keep evil spirits away. The baluster would prevent the spirits from going up the stairs and thus, terrorizing the members of the household in their sleep. What is the maximum gap spacing between balusters? Spacing between balusters should not be larger than four.

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